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Physical therapy not only helps reduce your pain and restore mobility, but it may also help you avoid surgery and pain medication. The providers at Progressive Therapy and Rehabilitation Center use highly targeted exercises and stretches to help you overcome your limitations. Reach out to the Houston, Texas practice online or over the phone if you want to give physical therapy a try.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a method of treating injury, pain, disease, and mobility issues with exercises, massage, and other manual treatments. The purpose of physical therapy is to relieve movement limitations without drugs or surgery.

You might see the physical therapists at Progressive Therapy for any of the following:

  • Pain management
  • Prevent or rehabilitate sports injuries
  • Address balance issues
  • Rehabilitate after an accident or injury
  • Manage the side effects of diseases like arthritis or diabetes
  • Learn how to use a prosthesis or assistive device

What happens during my first physical therapy appointment?

Your therapist at Progressive Therapy and Rehabilitation Services first obtains information about your medical history and diagnosis from you and your referring doctor. They ask detailed questions about the condition that brought you to their practice.

Then, they perform a physical evaluation of your range of motion, strength, stability, and other factors. Your therapist may ask you to perform a series of movements or tasks as they assess your limitations.

Once your therapist gathers the information they need, they use your input to create an intervention plan, explaining their approach and what you can expect.

After that, there may still be enough time to start implementing your intervention plan during your first appointment. They may have you perform strength exercises, facilitate stretches, apply heat, or use other techniques to begin the healing process right away.

Your therapist may send you home with a few instructions and tools so you can practice rehabilitation exercises at home in between visits. They also set up your follow-up appointments before you leave.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

Physical therapy at Progressive Therapy promotes your body’s rehabilitative mechanisms. Stretches and resistance training exercises, for example, improve your flexibility and strength so you can perform your daily tasks more easily.

Because of that, you may be able to avoid medication or more invasive interventions with physical therapy. Targeted therapy for a rotator cuff injury, for example, can improve your shoulder pain and mobility enough to avoid injections or surgery.

Finally, by improving factors like your strength, range of motion, and posture, physical therapy helps you avoid re-injury. Your therapist can teach you how to perform your daily tasks with better body mechanics and keep your body in optimal shape.

If you’re looking for a physical therapist in Houston, contact Progressive Therapy and Rehabilitation Center online or over the phone for a consultation.